Modern Ethnic

Alana Zimmer by Hasse Nielsen for Cover Magazine April 2011

Neon, Modern, Ethnic all styles mixed up - efortless and stylish

Cores néon, cortes actuais, estilo étnico, todos as tendências misturadas - estilo sem esforço

4 comentários:

  1. Oh Jesus help us! These fugly 90s-Raver-Platform Sneakers may NOT return! They already gave me eye-cancer back then...

    The clothes are nice and would work better with gladiator leather or woven sandals.

  2. Lipa I love effortless chic! Love everything but the shoes!
    Hey I just gave an award to your blog, hope you like it!

    hugs and kisses from Rio!

  3. Hello girls, I don't like the shoes either, but I think they work well in this editorial, its awkwardness makes the clothes stand out from the rest


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